The De-Core Concept

Creating the Office Space of the Future

De-Core office solutions provide dedicated furniture, as well as IT and communication solutions that can be customized to meet your needs.

Our solutions allow companies to reduce infrastructure costs with a system approach that keeps your employees safe by providing protection to local employees working in your building and efficient home office working environment for remote employees.

Pandemic Protection

A first, second, or even third pandemic wave will not stop us from working!

De-Core solutions allow quick and individualized protection when social distancing is necessary. Timely implementation protects companies from losing time and money when faced with unpredictable critical situations.

Benefits of the De-Core System

  • Our office structure is easily adapted to various situations
  • Employees can socially distance themselves from others with automated safety walls and doors
  • When conditions are safe, your space can be easily returned to an open office setup
  • Organizations with public traffic and external visitors can protect both employees and visitors as mandated by governments with the De-Core system
  • De-Core equipment is certified for pandemic protection by Mittelstandsinstitut Niedersachsen e.V.

Flexible Office Structure

Open office or individual workspace? No problem, De-Core equipment will change the set up based your dedicated needs!

The De-Core office environment can be switched from an open office to individual workspaces and back in just a few minutes. Each work space can be used collaboratively or independently, depending on the company strategy and opportunities. Specially-selected sound proof material helps to secure privacy, regardless of the arrangement.

Efficient Home Office Spaces

With the help of De-Core systems, we are bringing family and work closer together without sacrificing efficiency.

Employees are able to provide the most benefit to their companies when they are healthy. This applies to the home office as well as the workplace. In many cases a mix of both environments is the key for success. The De-Core Concept accomplishes this balance without losing efficiency. 

Our commitment to a work environment centered around employee wellness doesn’t stop at furniture. We offer ergonomic IT tools, like the De-Core smart office planner, SAFEST, or intelligent retractable monitors, which further allow employees to perform their job in an optimal manner.

IT & Communication

De-Core software and hardware solutions will help you minimize the need for expensive and hazardous in-person communication while maximizing face-to-face interaction in the virtual realm.

To organize a modern office structure in an optimized manner, intelligent IT and communication solutions are key. The De-Core Concept has been developed so that nearly all off-the-shelf IT and audio visual equipment can be accommodated.

De-Core IT, communication, and software solutions can be designed around all of your company’s IT rules and regulations.

The intelligent office organization software tool, SAFEST, is part of the De-Core catalogue and can be adapted for your situation.