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Certified De-Core office solutions provide a modern and flexible approach for office refurbishments, office upgrades and new office spaces. Our modular system components can be easily combined and customized to meet the specific needs of your space.


Modern offices present a need for an open environment that promotes communication and creativity. However, employees still need a dedicated space for more concentrated, individual work. De-Core's flexible, modular system helps to accommodate both working environments perfectly.


It is the responsibility of all employers to keep their employees safe. De-Core provides companies with the right equipment to protect their employees while still allowing for open communication. Our mobile office furniture solutions can be quickly and easily positioned for optimum employee protection without sacrificing collaboration and efficiency.


Our furniture designs bring efficiency to the home office. Modular De-Core equipment can be seamlessly incorporated into any home and any style. The "Clean Table" System is a simple office desk that can be used in multiple positions to adapt to your lifestyle and customized to suit your needs.


De-Core office solutions provide dedicated furniture as well as IT, Communication, and other solutions to meet the specific needs of your organization. The De-Core system provides all kinds of offices, laboratories, and similar applications with the perfect answer to today’s challenges.

De-Core equipment allows you to change quickly from a creative and collaborative open office to individual workspaces when greater concentration is required. Our modular office furniture solutions are designed with sound proof materials to optimize the privacy of both teams and individuals. De-Core’s modern solutions can be fitted into an existing environment, as well as into brand new spaces.

The De-Core Concept is based on the following principles:

De-Core systems can be purchased as a full service solution or as individual pieces for you to create your own working environment.

In addition to our furniture solutions, we offer full, 3D planning and special design services provided by professional interior architects and designers.

Our innovative, modular approach prevents the need for major office space construction. Existing equipment in other spaces can be easily repurposed to work with the De-Core system.

De-Core furniture can be integrated with intelligent IT and communication solutions. This system has been designed so that nearly all standard IT and communication equipment can be implemented.

The De-Core System benefits are:


Some of De-Core’s most popular modules include protective transparent walls, multi-position mobile desks, and disinfectant technology. For our complete portfolio, please visit our products page and shop.


Additional applications can be toured in our showroom in Bremen, Germany. 

De-Core Partners

De-Core is a product portfolio developed, produced, and distributed by OHS Engineering GmbH, supported by these partner companies.

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Home Office Ausrüstung mit Schallschutz

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Eric Jones

Super Idee

Rated 5 out of 5
3. January 2021

Eine tolle Idee und ein schlüssiges Konzept – ob für das Büro oder für zu Hause! Einfach perfekt!

Imke Behrens


Rated 5 out of 5
1. January 2021

Könnte ich mir super vorstellen in der Firma!
Freue mich auf weiterer Instruktionen!

Hanjo Switalski

Wirklich interessant

Rated 5 out of 5
1. January 2021

Ich könnte es mir wirklich vorstellen, diese innovativen Produkte auch in meinem privaten Haushalt zu integrieren.
Schöne Ideen für ein Smart Home


Gute, praktische Konzepte

Rated 5 out of 5
29. December 2020

Es werden gute Materialien verwendet, das Konzept geht voll auf! Schade, dass es diese Möglichkeiten nicht schon früher gab. Sehr zu empfehlen!

Henrike Pfeil